Winter Proof Your Home For Christmas

The prospect of a white Christmas and endless snowball fights is exciting, however you can’t have a white Christmas without balmy temperatures, damaging both our homes and our wallets. Snowy roofs and drooping icicles make for the ideal instagram snap, however if you have’t ensured your home is winter proof for Christmas, the costs incurred from the damage they can cause can make that image slightly less serene.

To keep your home nice and cosy and ward off any unnecessary winter damage, take a look at how to keep your home in top condition in even the coldest of temperatures.

Get rid of condensation

Double Glazed windows are heavenly during these cold winter months, however they often alt="condensation on roof"come with that ever too familiar degree of condensation. Keep your windows from steaming up by firstly checking there aren’t any holes in the sealants around your window. This goes the same for your Velux roof windows, where condensation can be even more noticeable as heat rises to the ceiling of your house. Opt for a dehumidifier or if you want to brave the cold, keep a few windows open ajar to keep air circulating around your room and getting rid of any unnecessary excess moisture.

Condensation can seep through your roof insulation and into your roof frame, causing all sorts of damp and damage as it can cool and drip down into your home, creating the appearance of a leak. Call out a roofer to take a better look at your seals and insert some felt between the frame and your roof to prevent damp and mildew.

Look After Your Pipes

It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that when water gets cold, it freezes and expands, however when it’s in your pipes, this can cause your pipes to crack and burst (not good). Leave your outdoor taps dripping just a little in the cold, ensuring that water keeps flowing and it doesn’t freeze.

If you’re not using too many outdoor pipes this winter thanks to the ever present rain, drain them to keep them from unnecessarily freezing over and disconnect them from the mains. Invest in some strong insulation to keep your taps nice and cosy and this goes for pipes in cooler areas of your house, such as those in your attic or garage.

Clear Away Snow

We’re all dreaming of a white Christmas, however our roofs might not be, as settled snow on your rooftop might look pretty but it can be a major culprit for all sorts of problems in your home. Snow and Ice can cause ice dams and create an unnecessary extra weight on your roof, especially when it refreezes and expands. Ice Dams can back up any precipitationalt="ridge" attempting to run off your roof, loosening shingles and creating those nasty leaks. Clear off any excess snow and icicles, keep your gutters from becoming cluttered and consider adding extra insulation into your attic to help prevent freezing. Be careful when removing snow and ice in slippery conditions and if you’re at all unsure about how safe it is, it might be a better bet to call out the professionals.

Look After The Lead

Before the temperatures seriously drop, take a look at your existing flashings on your rooalt="lead flashing on chimney"f, as if they we installed a while ago they may now be loose and the cold weather can only loosen them further. Stop excess precipitation creeping into your roof by repairing your flashings, preventing moisture build-ups that lead to inevitable leaks, keeping your home cosy and damp free in time for Christmas.

Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Wind

Snow and ice might be the go-to problems to solve during the winter, however its important not to neglect the power of gale force wind. Major storms, such as those we’ve alt="slate roof"had in recent weeks, can in some cases cause even more damage than notorious precipitation, meaning they really are a force not to be reckoned with.

Check out your roof for signs of wind damage and replace any slipped or cracked tiles as we don’t need to tell you that this can be an open door for leeks seeping into your home.

If you’ve noticed any damage or just want a professional to inspect your roof, feel free to give us a call, we’re in China now but will be rolling again in the New Year.

That’s all from us for now, have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and in your time off, why not check out our Facebook and follow us on Instagram.