Cycling Update

Following on from last summer’s successful trek across Britain’s three peaks in aid of Scotty’s Little Soldiers, the team are back with their latest 400 mile challenge plus a few additional members… so here’s a little cycling update…

alt="charity cycle ride"

With only a few weeks to go until this bunch of ambitious amateur cyclists embark on a pretty tiresome journey across the channel to Amsterdam, we thought it an apt time to introduce the guys taking part.

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So lets meet the team…

First up:

alt="charity cycle ride"Name: Daniel John Bubb-Sacklyn (DBS)

Age: 26

Practice miles under the belt: 22.69

Fun Fact: I’ve never cycled for over an hour, let alone 24…

Thoughts on the ride: “I’m fairly nervous about the cycle. I’m looking forward to spending a few days in Amsterdam, though, and sampling what they have to offer…”


alt="charity cycle ride"Name: Jack Mustoe

Age: 27

Practice miles under the belt: 60

Fun Fact: I quite like crisps

Thoughts on the ride: “Just returned home from holiday where I binged every day for two weeks… so not overly confident..”


alt="charity cycle ride"Name: Wouis George Leslie Looley

Age: 27

Practice miles under the belt: 70.64, true to form hating every mile of it

(Not so) Fun Fact: I get 0 enjoyment from cycling

Thoughts on the ride: “I’m actually looking forward to it. Although I don’t think I have enough padding on my bike seat”


alt="charity cycle ride"

(Lawrence hiding his slap head)

Name: Lawrence Taurean Roland Wooley

Age: 28

Practice miles under the belt: 60

Fun Fact: Good at hiding my slap head

Thoughts on the ride: “Excited, nervous and think my knees are going to fall apart”


Although the training efforts might be a little slap dash to say the least, their minds are in the right place. Indeed, this cycle is all being done in aid of a fantastic cause, Mind. Mind works hard to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health for men, that has gained great levels of awareness through campaigns such as Movember, tackling suicide prevention among men. Depression, schizophrenia and other associated mental health disorders are no easier to challenge with a Y chromosome, meaning it’s time to raise more awareness for those battling society’s misinformed expectations of them to simply ‘man up’. It therefore only seem appropriate that the team push their minds and bodies to the limit on this challenge for such a worthwhile cause.

Our support team will be headed up by Jordi (who boasts a whopping 847.64 miles training under the belt…in a lorry), the wannabe mechanic, and James, the mechanic. A camper/support vehicle has been kindly provided by James and his new initiative, Three Counties Camper Hire, providing top quality camper vans to avid adventurers, from festivals to glamping in style on wheels, with your choice of immaculate VW Camper Vans.

To find out more, check out our first blog post introducing the cycle.

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