How to speed up your WiFi

Gloucestershire, home of the slowest broadband in the UK

Are you aware that Gloucestershire is officially home to the slowest internet speeds in the UK? If you are struggling with slow and inconsistent and unreliable internet speeds, then you are not alone. We’ve long been promised the prospect of fibre optic, however many out there are still waiting for the ever promised fibre optic internet to arrive in their area, yet then when it does arrive the price is somewhat unappealing. If you’re wondering how to speed up your wifi at home then maybe its time to explore alternative options that provide faster Wi-Fi connection, something fibre optic cannot promise.


We have unlocked the key to faster and more reliable internet available to everyone. We are now providing a unique service providing free speed testing and friendly advice on contracts to choose, followed by a speedy 4G installation, helping to bypass your internet troubles with a broadband alternative that could be faster and more reliable than your landline connection. Additionally, if you would like the process to be even more hassle free, we can offer on going technical support.

To unlock faster internet in your home or office, please contact us for pricing, more information and free testing