Slate Hip Alternatives

With over 30 years experience in roofing, we’re no stranger to a slate hip to tidy up a roof, take a look at some mitred slate hip alternatives from a project completed in 2018.

Mitered Slate Hips

Here’s a few pictures from a 2018 project on an industrial unit roof in Gloucestershire.

The product used was a textured cement fibre slate. A good alternative to natural slate, especially with the textured finish.

Other roofing materials used during this installation were a high quality roofing felt and a treated 25x50mm roofing batten.

Code 5 lead cap

The four hips of the roof are joint with a mitered effect in the cement fibre slate, creating an almost seem less join between all four faces of the roof. An alternative method of hip would be to use hip tiles made out of other materials such as clay or concrete.

The ridge was capped with a piece of code 5 lead, thick and durable.

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Mitered hip

Mitered hip

Mitered hip

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