Fibreglass Fishpond – GRP Roofing

Fibreglass fishpond in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Fibreglass fishpond in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

K. Sacklyn & Co. are a team of expert roofers working throughout Gloucestershire, so why have we got a photo of a fishpond on our blog?

Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) commonly referred to as Fibreglass is a high performance waterproofing system for all types of flat roofing, box gutters, valleys, balconies, walkways or anywhere that requires waterproofing, even fishponds.

It is formed in situ by reinforcing polyester resin with chopped strand matt using a peroxide based catalyst to harden it. Once cured it forms a joint free laminate that will last well in excess of twenty years.  Just the kind of material you want a fishpond to be made from, long lasting and waterproof.

So with this in mind, when asked to construct a fish pond for someone, we couldn’t say no to the exciting project. Completed in just two days by two of our expert roofers, this fibreglass fishpond in Cheltenham was completed with the upmost care to ensure that the base stays water tight for at least 20 years.

So if you need a fibreglass roof or even a fishpond, contact us now

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